Friday, 24 June 2016

The beautiful Irani Model Ava Safai in Designer Hari Anand's elegant out fit. Posing for my camera at Brunton Boatyard Hotel, Fort Cochin, Kerala, India. This was for 'Wedding life' - a premium wedding magazine.
    I was waiting for the sunset but there was no chance for a beautiful sky and was disappointed. But suddenly there was a climate change. And I saw the sky is getting more better. It was in just 15 minutes that the model got ready for this frame. Thanks to make up artist Chithra Manoharan and the stylist Cimi. Even a delay of 1 minute would have spoiled the scenario. Because the sky was golden just for a maximum of 10 minutes. In short we altogether got 25 minutes to do this shoot. But seeing the result we all were happy and this has added to one of the most favourite clicks of mine. Thanks to the team.

Technical data: Once single strobe from my left back. 1/160, f9, ISO160.
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